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Always remember that real girls are better than dream girls. ❤🌸👑💐👸 #VainProblems #vainmoments #Girls #BabaeKasi #selca #HalfFace #Vain #SuperVain #GirlThing #Sunday

She’s Dating The Gangster 

I already watch the movie and I already read the book. From wattpad to book I was I dedicated reader for this story so when I actually heard that it will have a movie I got excited! Yey! Who wouldn’t want your favorite fictional characters alive on big screen. I went to watch alone (that’s how dedicated I’am) I stand on the file of people waiting for their turn to watch. Sabi ko “I will know that this is great if they’ll make me cry” knowing Daniel Padilla he is somehow different from Kenji pareho silang badboy but they’re different “Mapapanindigan kaya niya?” I asked myself when it comes to Kathryn I’am confident that she can but I put my faith on them and from what I’ve read on soft copies to book I cried tons of tears so I’m expecting something of course but you can never make things same as the one like what on the movie. “ano kaya yung binago” I said myself why standing outside the cinema. When I was sitting in front of the screen I felt the same excitement as the book comes out. Nainis pa ako kasi yung setting is more way different from the book pero I don’t expect the next thing happen. Seeing your loved fictional character having their own definition of “Happy Ending” is something heartwarming. For the last 3 minutes of the movie I sob and cried and bit my lip to stop my sobs but no vail I really am touched and happy for them. I never expect that that could happen. Yung buong sinehan nagpalakpakan, kinilig, nagulat, umiyak, tumawa! I salute Miss Cathy and Bianca for putting up my emotions up and down. This movie deserves a standing ovation. ❤👏✌👌♥👊


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C H A N Y E O L makes me droll!

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EXO For 2014 Youth Olympic Campaign. 엑소

140718 The Lost Planet in Shanghai
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How Chanyeollie do his aego to Kyungsoo~~

"I want something……..real" 

-How To Break Up With The Badboy -Wattpad

"Sometimes you have to give up good things for real things" 

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Oh my Kyungsoooo~~~

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L U H A N.Yeah we know you’re handsome yeah and oh I forgot does I already said I love you little deer? ❤❤ (cto)

What an angel. You really are the most handsome in my eyes Beijing Boy. ❤👑🌸😊😍

What I answer on my Foreign Language Examination. Mandarin is such a pain in the ass but nevertheless enjoyable. I really had this thing for Chinese. 😁😂💓✌🙈🙊😍

"Happy Camp EXO 2014" 

Happy Camp is the only Chinese Variety Show I watched since EXO debuted and it took a quiet time for their another visit to the variety show. I waited for the sub (thank God it was early published) and seriously watch the show. Having the first part of the show knock me off my feet because of laughing yeah! They were the cutest thing on earth yet the funniest to! Eve though some of them are not well can understand Chinese I can still feel they’re enjoying the show. Luhan and Baekhyun was really the most funniest except for the Reaction King Park Chanyeol and Zhang Yixing. The games and specially the part of the bitter juice that was hilarious honestly! Luhan really do look cute while I really had a hard time suppressing my laugh when the glass is on Baekhyun! He really is weird with his face crumpled like a paper. I though that it will be the highlight of the show but it’s not. How could they make you laugh and cry at the same fucking time with just one variety show? That’s EXO. When they we’re interviewed about the ‘issue’ i felt like my world stop and I just have to focus on my mobile phone watching them. Their comments and reaction was really heartbreaking “What is a brother” question made my heart sink! It was hurtful co’z I know it is. Even though Sehun said they’re “11” the pain in his eyes and cracking of his voice was signs of sadness and I cried because of that “What about the new start of New 11 Members” and this made my tears flow more “11? I hate to hear it” that’s what I said. Tao cried, Lay cried, Baekhyun cried almost everyone wanted to cry and it’s dreadful then one sentence just made me laugh while crying “I sustain my tears for long years because I’m a man” my bias really know when to lighten up the mood. He’s mature and kind for just noticing and focusing for EXO’s future and just let the past stay and be solve in time. They were something admirable their popularity must be overflowing but having one of them leaving the team is actually a big crack but on what jus Luhan said “If we we’re together there’ no thing we can’t do” and that was remarkable I eveb love Luhan more not because of his face but for having a strong heart. To EXO? WE ARE ONE!

""I would like to acknowledge all the people who devotedly wait so much just to buy expensive and mind crashing valued concert tickets just to watch their idols perform. To those guys who patiently wait for the comebacks and album launching and even start spending less just to buy those albums whose been worked hours and months by your bias. I would like to say hi to those who could just support them by this way but never had a little chance just to say hi and introduce themselves one by one in front of the bias. I just want to make you feel that we will be the best fans co’z we’re supporting them by just our hearts." #InternationalFansDay" 

-My Heart♥